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Three Reasons Why The Left’s ‘Burn The System Down’ Approach Does Not Work

The world, according to the left, would be a new earthly paradise if the whole system is burnt down.

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“Burn the system down” is one of the most constant and dangerous calls circulating in social networks in relation to different political demands, especially feminist ones. At first glance it seems to be a cry for justice, but in reality, it is a voice of tyranny hidden behind a cloak of emotional manipulation. There are many reasons not to fall into this game, but for now, here are three:

Reason 1: “Burn the system down” solves nothing

The “burn the system down” approach starts from the underlying idea that institutional structures (civilized society, therefore) are unjust and oppressive and if they were to disappear, human beings would automatically be just and kind. It is basically the same idea behind the old myth of the “good savage” that for centuries has justified the destructive impulses of the left: that human beings are good by nature and it is society that makes them evil. Consequently, the world, according to the left, would be a new earthly paradise if the whole system is burnt down.

However, we know that this is not true. The human being is not someone “good” whom evil society corrupts, but a creature within which positive and negative impulses coexist; to quote once again Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, the line dividing good from evil runs through the heart of every human being.

Therefore, burning it all would not lead us back to paradise on earth. On the contrary, it would leave us sunk in a field of ashes, much more vulnerable to the evil of others as we starve or die of genocide. The left “burned the system down” in Stalinist purges, in the mass graves of the Khmer Rouge, in the extermination camps for political prisoners and in the freezing tundras of the gulag. In each of these cases, the flames burned not injustice, but certainty and prosperity.

Reason 2: the radicalism of leftist feminism offers no solutions, only destruction

In countries like Mexico, the phenomenon of violence is a permanent tragedy that victimizes millions of women every year. This is true, indisputable, and should outrage everyone.

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However, the radical groups that shield their own violence under the pretext of burning everything, do not propose any real solution. They demand political perks, media space and funds to “train” in their ideology, but none of that will solve the underlying problem. A problem that is not in a patriarchal pact, but in a pact of impunity.

Ironically, many of these leftist groups and activists, who claim to be so outraged by femicides and criminal violence, are the same ones who push for reforms to turn prisons into revolving doors for criminals and reject with unleashed fury the establishment of zero-tolerance public policies that could stop the criminals in time before they attack, not because they have not “deconstructed”, but because these criminals know that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, they will not be reported. And if they are reported, they will not be caught. If they are caught, they will not be judged. And, if they are put on trial, they will not be convicted.

Reason 3: burning everything is to bet on chaos

Collective destruction, especially when it is “ritualized” in an environment such as that of the demonstrations called under the banner of feminism, provides a sense of community and liberation in the short term, but it is self-deception. In reality, it deepens the problems, because such destruction adds even more chaos to society, reduces the certainties necessary for development and consolidates the same sense of impunity that the criminals who attack millions of women will later take advantage of.

The truth is obvious, but it is worth remembering: The solution to any problem is not to “burn it all down”, but to understand it and correct what is necessary, overcoming a mere emotional exercise in exchange for a rational commitment that can be maintained over time.

In the case of Mexico and Latin America, it is very clear that in order to solve the challenge of violence against women, the fundamental point to correct is the impunity of criminals. Any effort that does not start from this reality will be either a mere relief or a simply a political trench provided for the benefit of power groups. It’s as simple as that.

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