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TIME Report Reveals Institutional Conspiracy to Defeat Donald Trump

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For the first time, it has been revealed that the U.S. elections were the scene of a grand conspiracy against President Donald Trump to bring about his defeat. TIME magazine published “the secret story” that united powerful people, different sectors, and ideologies to control the flow of information that would harm the Republican candidate.

Incredibly, TIME magazine called it a patriotic act, however, it made it clear how the conspiracy was not a “paranoid dream” but a reality that ended up giving power to the left in the United States.

According to TIME, the mission of the conspiracy was “to influence perceptions, change norms and laws, and direct media coverage to control the flow of information,” a situation that ended up giving the victory to Democrat Joe Biden.

TIME: “Trump was right”

Shockingly, the magazine says that “Trump was right” and confirmed that during the election there was a behind-the-scenes conspiracy between left-wing activists and business titans:

TIME revealed that for more than a year, “a loosely organized coalition of operatives – leftists- rushed to shore up American institutions.

“They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funds. They fended off voter suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers, and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time,” the report reveals.

The article, which for the first time exposes the left’s conspiracy against the Republican campaign, also highlighted the role of the Big Techs and the censorship they implemented:

“They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.”

TIME calls censorship a “harder line against disinformation.” However, today it confirmed that Trump was not wrong when he denounced a conspiracy against him between the Big Tech companies and the Democratic Party.

According to the renowned magazine, the great architect of the conspiracy was Michael Podhorzer, the AFL-CIO political director, the largest union federation in the United States.

“We desperately need to systematically ‘red-team’ this election so that we can anticipate and plan for the worst we know will be coming our way.” Podhorzer told TIME.

Meetings with the left and Congress money

The magazine revealed that Podhorzer held meetings through Zoom “with his network of contacts across the progressive universe”: the labor movement, the institutional left, such as Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace, resistance groups like Indivisible and MoveOn, progressive data geeks and strategists;,donor and foundation representatives, state-level grassroots organizers, racial justice activists, and others.

Another troubling revelation from TIME is that the left’s efforts had an effect: “As 2020 progressed, it spread to Congress, Silicon Valley and the nation’s branches of government.”

The magazine states that “to secure the vote,” money was needed so “in March, activists appealed to Congress to steer COVID relief money to election administration.”

“Led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, more than 150 organizations signed a letter to every member of Congress seeking $2 billion in election funding. It was somewhat successful: the CARES Act, passed later that month, contained $400 million in grants to state election administrators. But the next tranche of relief funding didn’t add to that number. It wasn’t going to be enough.” TIME recalls.

The role of the Big Tech

According to TIME, Laura Quinn, a veteran progressive operative who co-founded Catalist, was behind the pressure on Big Tech to achieve censorship.

Quinn “piloted a secret, unnamed project, which she had never before discussed publicly, that tracked disinformation online and tried to figure out how to combat it (…) The solution, she concluded, was to pressure platforms to enforce their rules, both by removing content or accounts that spread disinformation and by monitoring more aggressively in the first place.”

“In November 2019, Mark Zuckerberg invited nine civil rights leaders to dinner at his home, where they warned him about the danger of election-related falsehoods that were already spreading unchecked,” notes TIME.

Even the memes were planned and so were the left’s protests

The magazine revealed that Voting Rights Lab and IntoAction created state-specific memes and graphics, spread via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, urging that every vote be counted. Together, they were viewed more than a billion times.

“The now-defunct website (‘Protect the Results’) had a map with a list of 400 planned post-election demonstrations, to be activated by text message on Nov. 4. To stop the coup they feared, the left was ready to flood the streets,” notes TIME.

“(…) it is a mistake to think that this election cycle was a show of strength for democracy. It shows how vulnerable democracy is, ” the Democracy Coalition for Peoples Defense told TIME in admitting how the great electoral conspiracy against Donald Trump was carried out.

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

6 thoughts on “TIME Report Reveals Institutional Conspiracy to Defeat Donald Trump”

  1. That was really known, but not stopped, when people want to get paid to do whatever US unConstitutionally

    unLawful, then they want to get big money, life changing money

    and they weren’t just politically involved, they wanted wealth for want they were/did help do

    they didn’t care who was gonna to our powerful US Leadership officials

    they were gonna get wealthy for their actions, unConstitutionally criminal or not

    and they got paid their wealth part securely in their bank accounts, and it was then they secretly helped to conspire

    all agreed unConstitutional criminal voting action to overwhelmingly defeat President TRUMP

    along with much foreign voting frauds invading helps to defeat President TRUMP’s successful US 2020 Presidency

    and put hateful neverTRUMP picked politician President they needed into our US Presidency

    and so they did, which they are saying to all of US voting citizens “fkU😈”, since you US citizens

    don’t play democracy our way then WE neverTRUMP powerful WE force our unlawful unConstitutionally

    ways into/onto your US Elections right in front of your faces & eyes and force your to except our

    our new US Leaders 1 way and another as WE neverTRUMP powerful will enjoy our own

    unlawful unConstitutional powers as our pleasurable consent in forcefully overriding your US Constitutional

    and your US Voting Laws as WE see fit and WE’LL keep our unlawful unConstitutional Laws in place to

    override your US Lawful and US Constitutional voting Laww and rights from now, as WE see fit

    Since all you US citizens want to Vote for whom WE neverTRUMP powerfuls do not want you to vote for

    and you do vote for and against us neverTRUMP interest, then WE neverTRUMP powers will

    forcefully keep your (now ours again) and this time permanently, our USofA neverTRUMP Government of Lawmaking Leaders

    and WE rule the globe of Governments as WE see fit, whilst stealing killing & destroying your USofA as

    WE neverTRUMP powers see fit

    WELL WELL, ME as a US citizen will not comply, until I die or I stay alive, I will support vote everybody

    who supports President TRUMP in every way, especially all US TRUMPlican Elected Lawmaking

    Officials Office Holders

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  2. I’m pretty dismayed that this info was a) dug up and b) published by Time Magazine. The admissions are shocking in their entirety. We are headed toward communism and this conspiracy proves it. Kudos to the author for connecting the dots and to Time Magazine for publishing it.

  3. so just exactly what if any of it can be confirmed and how much if any is illegal and how dose it help the American people to get these people out of office before they destroy this country totally..
    you can not tell me that any of this or all of it is legal.. if the was using taxpayers money and funneling it to platforms that were under Democratic party control an association with the Democratic Party that’s some kind of fraud right there I would think

  4. This country, as Trump and many others tried to worn us, is gone forever. The Dems, who, if not illegally, at least amorally, obtained office will use their new powers to further solidify their hold on what used to be our country. The people they are incentivizing, sadly, are to stupid to realize that they are simply being used as pawns in the game and will, in the end, find out that the endgame is total control over the whole constituency for the benefit of the few. Call it what you want- Communism, Socialism- but do not forget to call it what it really is, CORRUPT AND WRONG!

  5. There has to be some way to fix what happened. What they did was criminal, illegal and treason. This is not how voting should have happened to our great country. They are destroying America. There is no other safe place in the world to go to. For those that voted for Biden. I hope you are happy he is destroying our country.

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