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Topher, the Conservative Singer Who Conquered the Billboard Charts and Pushes Back Against the Left

They Want Us to Believe We Are Helpless: Topher, the Conservative Who Conquered Billboard

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Topher is a conservative who conquered the Billboard charts and has also dabbled in politics to promote conservative principles in the United States—in addition, he has also become a TikTok star.

The singer spoke about his career with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, and talked about the challenges of conservatives in the country and questioned the agenda of the Democrats.

In addition to challenging the leftist agenda of the Democratic Party, Topher spoke about his career and the numerous obstacles conservatives face in America.

The hip-hop artist tops the song charts, mainly with his single “The Patriot.”

Topher states on his website that he uses politics as a platform to eradicate the traditional paradigm of biased reporting. He also assures that progressives want to keep citizens believing that they need them to achieve opportunities. That’s why he fights against the leftist narrative in America.

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“They want to keep us in a weakened state of mind to believe that we are powerless in this great country that we have. There are so many tools at our disposal that we can use to create the life we dream of,” Topher said.

Topher on politics

The artist tells us that the transition to politics has been an extraordinary journey. He maintains that it gives him the opportunity to serve the people. In that sense, he comments that he is passionate about giving back to local communities and strives to create opportunities where people can prosper socially and economically.

Finally, he noted that it is important to respect all opinions, as it is clear to him that “even people who grew up in the same house don’t grow up with the same views.”