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TPUSA Welcomes Paige Roux

Women and the second amendment is something the main stream media should cover and encourage. After all, gun rights are women’s rights. Especially being that they not only empower women to defend themselves, but are a true equalizer in regards to self-defense.

Sadly, the media today is not as honest as it was when I was growing up. Which is why today, for my Luna spotlight, I will be focusing on Paige Roux, the newest member of TPUSA’s contributor team.

Paige is a firearms instructor and has been around the gun range since 4 years old! She is will also going to be the host of “Reloaded” that will stream weekly on TPUSA platforms.

The fact is, women like Paige should be embraced by the media. Yet unfortunately, they are mostly ignored or demonized. They are ignored because much of the media has a liberal bias, and to many of those within the liberal ideology, guns are bad.

We look forward to Paige’s new show and her ability to educate, promote, and encourage women to learn about the importance of the Second Amendment and firearms safety.