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U.S. Travelers to Puerto Rico Must Present Proof of Vaccination for Admission


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Pedro Pierluisi, Governor of Puerto Rico, announced that it would no longer be necessary for travelers arriving to the island on a flight from the United States to take the molecular test in order to be admitted to the territory.

Pierluisi signed an amendment to Executive Order 2021-037 and noted that travelers will be allowed to enter the island by simply presenting their COVID-19 vaccination card.

Executive Order 2021-037 initially established that all travelers must present a negative molecular or PCR test for COVID-19. Failure to do so would result in a fine. That is why the Department of Health worked expeditiously on the specifics of the amendment to adjust the Traveler’s Declaration.

The new provision will only apply to domestic flights in Puerto Rico or the United States, and not to international flights.

Traveler information

The passenger will have to certify that he/she is fully vaccinated within two weeks or more of being immunized. They must also indicate the vaccine received and the dates of administration on the vaccination card.

However, those who have not been vaccinated must present a negative result of a diagnostic test against COVID-19, Pierluisi said.

The governor indicated that all the measures they have established seek to safeguard the health and safety of everyone. “The provisions that have been taken at the airport have been effective and the vaccination continues to prove that it works.”

“I appreciate the work of the Department of Health and that they were able to quickly achieve the necessary changes to allow the new statutes for domestic flight passengers to go into effect.”

Health Secretary Carlos Mellado said these relaxations are a kind of incentive for residents and visitors to the island to get vaccinated.

“Five months after the vaccination began, we are in a better position now and we continue to move forward to achieve the herd immunity we all long for and also get closer to the life we had before the pandemic,” he said.

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