After Wave of Arrests and Trudeau’s Threats, Protesters Leave Canada’s Western Border

Demonstrators left the protest in the west of the country after police arrested 13 people and the Trudeau government called in special powers to end the blockades

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After Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a series of restrictive measures to force the Freedom Convoy to stop the protests, demonstrators in Western Canada are beginning to retreat.

Demonstrators demanding an end to healthcare tyranny decided to abandon the protest in western Canada after police arrested 13 people, hours after the Canadian government called in special powers to end the blockades.

With the government threats, the protesters face serious criminal penalties and confiscation of vehicles.

This Monday, February 14, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act with which he will have the power to block the bank accounts of the protesters.

Also, on Sunday, the police dismantled the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge, which connects the towns of Windsor (Canada) with Detroit (USA), announcing the arrest of a total of 46 people.

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Meanwhile, downtown Ottawa remains with the demonstration of about 400 trucks and hundreds of people protesting against Trudeau’s health measures.

The Freedom Convoy has become a movement with worldwide support, where trucks and demonstrators oppose vaccination mandates, not only in Canada but also in other countries where the rule has become an imposition against the will of millions of citizens.

Ottawa, the Canadian capital, is taken over by hundreds of trucks and demonstrators blocking the main avenues downtown in protest against restrictions imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The demonstrators, who call themselves the “Freedom Convoy,” were joined by a crowd protesting against health restrictions after two years of pandemic, and against the Trudeau government.

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