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Trump Slams Piers Morgan For ‘Rigging’ and ‘Redoing’ his Words in Interview

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An ad campaign about the conversation between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump is sold as “the most explosive interview of the year” and gives the impression that the former president interrupts the recording of it and walks away in the face of questions about the veracity of the 2020 presidential election. According to Trump’s team, the promotion of the interview was “dishonestly” edited.

The controversial British commentator published a trailer of his conversation with Trump in which he announces him as “a former president in denial” and in which it appears that the former president responds in a hostile manner when Morgan asks him about the election results.

The commercial features short segments in which Trump addresses Morgan as a “fool” and “dishonest,” and includes a frame of the former president asking the host to “finish up the interview,” and then showing the former president demanding that they “turn off the cameras” as he leaves the room.

But audio obtained by Breitbart News from Trump’s communications team indicates the opposite: the interview appeared to have ended on good terms, with both men saying goodbye cordially, and the former president’s team is even heard giving Morgan extra time on four occasions to ask additional questions.

In the audio, there is no sign of Donald Trump walking away from the room or leaving the interview unfinished, as shown in the commercial, and it is notorious that the short segments mentioned were taken out of context.

Audio clip from the Trump team obtained by Breitbart (SoundCloud).

Taylor Budowich, Trump’s communications director, told Breitbart that Morgan’s ad is “a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the TV host’s career,” and that the British commentator was “dishonest” in publishing it.

Trump’s team further told NBC News, which also obtained access to the audio, that they had agreed to a 20-minute conversation with Morgan’s team, but that the interview had been extended for more than an hour.

When Budowich posted the Breitbart article on Twitter, Piers Morgan responded by suggesting that the outcome of the interview is the fault of his team’s negligence, but without commenting on the editing of the trailer.

“Hi, Taylor, the fact that you weren’t able to stop the interview, and the fact President Trump had to be told about my previous public criticisms of him by some dodgy bloke in London rather than by you suggests he urgently needs a new Director of Communications! I’d pack your bags, mate,” read Morgan’s tweet.

Explosive interview with Trump or spectacular publicity for Morgan?

But the scandal does not appear to be accidental, and raises questions about Morgan’s true intentions. When Newsweek published an article questioning the veracity of the facts, the commentator responded: “You´ll find out what really happened on Monday… relax”.

The host also responded to a comment on Twitter by saying that “Trump loyalists will find a lot to like in the interview” if they take the time to wait for it to air. “It’s not my fault the president lost his temper with me because I don’t believe the election was stolen or rigged,” he tweeted.

Morgan later posted a new clip of the interview and described it as “a calmer moment before the storm,” in which Trump is shown praising the name of the show.

Former President Trump issued two statements about the editing of the publicity clip referring to the interview as “fake” and accusing Morgan of “manipulating and redoing” his words. “Piers was caught red-handed, and the interview I most enjoyed doing is now a disaster,” the former president said.

Mocking Trump’s statements, the host went on to respond and ask the former president to “relax” and say that the interview was “great” despite the former president’s emotions.

“We haven’t even aired it yet, and he’s already released two furious statements… about a PROMO?! Take a chill pill, Mr. President- it’s a great interview, even if you did lose your rag a bit.”

Later on, Morgan posted one of Trump’s texts saying, “Love these statements.”

Finally, the British host announced that “due to the huge global interest” in the interview, it will now be broadcast in two parts: the first on Monday, April 25, and the second on Tuesday, April 26.

The conversation with Trump marks Piers Morgan’s return to television after the British media tried to cancel him for his criticism of Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry.

The British commentator’s new program, called “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” is part of an overall deal as a columnist, TV host and author with Fox News Media.

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