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The Success of Trump-backed Candidates in Kansas and Michigan

Cómo los políticos se convirtieron en estrellas de rock

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Candidates who have the support of former President Donald Trump prevailed Tuesday in the GOP primaries for governor of the states of Michigan and Kansas, according to projections of the mainstream media.

This is a new show of strength of the former president, who has been very present throughout the primary campaign supporting some candidates and criticizing others, but had suffered significant losses in other primaries at a time when the possibility that he may decide to run for the 2024 presidential election is gaining momentum.

Trump-endorsed Tudor Dixon won the primary in Michigan, a swing state where Trump unexpectedly won in 2016 but returned to the Democratic side in 2020 to support current president Joe Biden.

Dixon prevailed in a close Republican primary, and ultimately received Trump’s endorsement. She will face Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in November.

In Kansas, a traditionally conservative state but currently governed by a Democrat, the Republican primary was won by Attorney General Derek Schmidt, who will try to unseat Governor Laura Kelly in November.

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