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Trump: Another Impeachment Would Be ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

President Donald Trump faces another attempt by Democrats to end his presidency early

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U.S. President Donald Trump considered it “absolutely ridiculous” that another impeachment will take place in Congress and noted that it is causing “tremendous anger.”

Trump made these statements to journalists at the White House shortly before leaving for Texas, where he will visit the border wall, and in the midst of the political tension that the country is experiencing after the chaotic days of the past week.

In his opinion, the political prosecution announced by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, is “absolutely ridiculous” and “a continuation of the biggest witch-hunt in the history of politics,” something that is causing “tremendous anger.”

The Democrats have said they will charge the president with “inciting insurrection.”

“We don’t want violence,” he said.

The United States is experiencing an unprecedented moment of political upheaval after a mob of President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, leaving five dead, including a policeman.

After the unfortunate events, the president reproached his followers and asked them to go home peacefully, and reiterated that they are the party of law and order. However,Twitter took down his statement and the media did not propagate his words.

Trump is living the last days of his term, as he will hand over the presidency to Democrat Joe Biden on January 20th under a huge display if security.

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