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The Grossness of Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

Trump, Hitler, El American

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The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article last week, written by David Lee Preston entitled “Is it wrong to compare Trump to Hitler? No.” The author stated that Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have points in common and that “it is not sacrilege to suggest a link between Hitler and Trump.”

In that sense Preston, who is a relative of victims of one of the most tragic and blackest times in Germany and the whole world as was the Holocaust, mentioned in his article the following: “I think Trump’s ability to incite followers under the banner of white nationalism has enabled us to better understand Hitler’s sway over the Germans, connecting us to the real people in the old black-and-white photo images and newsreels that show the masses with arms outstretched toward their führer.”

But it wasn’t enough, and he continued, Now we have seen in our nation’s capital — indeed, in our Capitol — how Kristallnacht could have happened; and ultimately how men and women could devise what my father, George Preston, an engineer who survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald, called an “Industry of Death.” Now we have a way to understand the rise of a fascist dictator and the blind allegiance of murderous minions.” Preston continued.

Another mass media attack toward Trump

In a malicious and false cascade of statements that can be read in his article, the author covers himself in a cunning way because he knows that where he is sticking his nose is a turbulent and dangerous terrain from which nothing good can come out, no matter how familiar he may be with Holocaust victims.

Indeed, greedy as a bird of prey, he shields himself as follows: “This is not to suggest that Trump would have become another Hitler, or that Trumpism is equatable to Nazism. But we now have a clearer understanding of the darker side of human nature.” No, David, it’s too late. You’ve said it and we’ve all read you. Your good intentions are redundant.

To call “fascist” (even in the most insightful way possible) the only person of the magnitude of former President Trump, who set out to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy to that city as a sign of support for the Israeli people, is somewhat ridiculous and insane.

Publications like this, in truth, are nothing more than a sample of the caliber of the cultural battle we are facing in the 21st century. An unequal battle where on the one hand we have an army that in its broad ranks counts on the apparatus of the media, the Big Tech, the great international forums such as Sao Paulo or Davos, and international political organizations such as the United Nations, all of them standard bearers of globalism, and with a single mission: to praise the left and destroy the United States. China is rubbing its hands together.

While on the other side we have ordinary citizens, ordinary people, people who want to work and progress. To have a good life and enjoy the pleasures she has to offer. With security and justice. With the deserved right to signify and pass on the values she was taught in her family, values that today are being lost thanks to the progressive mind-forming apparatus, groomed by the “anything goes” culture (except saying something against the left) of postmodernism and abominable publications like those of David Lee.

Where do these people come from who are capable of making such tremendous comparisons? The answer is simple: it is the residual result of classical Marxism, converted and regenerated by the intellectuals of the Frankfurt School. A school that does not teach, but distills poison and the purest and hardest venom of Marxism. These people are the personification of a phrase once said by the prolific Cuban writer Armando Ribas: “Educating with Marxism is like breastfeeding with alcohol”.

The cancel culture and the wokemeter
Trump - Hitler - Cancel Culture - El American

At this point we cannot fail to mention how the “wokemeter” is judge and master of everything. Of what is allowed and what is not allowed to be said, that is why always, always, but always, in journalistic articles such as the one we have just analyzed, they have a green light.

They are never reproachable or much less indivulgible. If someone were to write something like that about Kamala Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, or Joe Biden himself, sirens would go off, alarms would sound and a robotic voice would be heard from a loudspeaker saying: “fascist detected”. And say goodbye to your publication or worse, your career. Hi, I’m the Culture of Cancellation, it’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m on call.

In case anyone would dare to go against what is established by progressivism, it would be “wrong” and would hurt the “susceptibility” of a minority that arrogates the power of the majority that, unfortunately, the latter you don’t see in the streets since they are busy working, educating their children and fulfilling the commitments that come with having an orderly and responsible life.

This majority is not noisy, violent or scandalous. On the contrary, it respects others, both public and private, and does not form part of any political movement to feel represented by anyone or anything. They represent themselves by the decisions they make and the acts they perform in life. Responsibility (which is nothing more than the ability to respond), speaks for them.

We have already said that the culture of cancellation thanks to the “wokemeter” is infallible with certain publications. Indeed, one could not expect anything else from a media like The Philadelphia Inquirer, aligned to the left that supported the Biden/Harris presidential ticket. But, you have to give this vernacular left that constantly wants to impose its worldview on us, what a keen eye it has.

The leftists, with their culture of cancellation, make use and abuse of the “wokemeter”, and wherever they place their little eyes they see fascists. They manage to see them everywhere, except when they look in the mirror. Isn’t that sacrilege, David?

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