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Trump’s Media Network and Similar Platforms are Crucial for the Salvation of Free Speech

Donald Trump

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As we all know, the “free world” is under threat. I prefer to refrain from speaking of “open society” because of the negative connotations and relativistic confusion that the usual interpretation of the theories of the philosopher Karl Popper might have.

The current scenario seriously affects “freedom of speech”, which is currently threatened by various revolutionary agents, which, if not modern States as such, are close collaborators of certain ideological agendas.

An already well-known problem is the persecution by Big Tech or large technology corporations of anyone who dares to question the “official pro-green truth”, whether it is a question of economic issues or postulates related to the “new left” and the “woke culture.”

At the time, it was already pointed out that we were facing a huge opportunity to vindicate the importance of market freedom and the great practical usefulness of the dispersed, distributed and decentralized essence of the Internet.

I considered that the best way to combat this censorship was not by creating laws that in time could go against it, nor by starting to underestimate private initiative, but by undertaking to offer market alternatives to those who do not believe in “pro-green censorship.”

We can talk about Gab, Parler, GETTR, Minds or LBRY (a blockchain-based alternative to YouTube) but today we are going to address issues related to a new initiative of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

A new investment in the alternative technologies market

The so-called “alternative technologies” or AltTech will soon have a new rival, a new social media service provider. This is what Trump’s new project is all about: a new social network (along with a video streaming platform based on paid subscriptions) that will be called Truth Social.

Specifically, it will be a product of a new company called Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG), which, according to its own press release, would have merged with the Digital World Acquisition Corporation entity, present in the NASDAQ through the DWAC codification.

This operation would allow it to start with an enterprise value of $875 million to which an additional amount of $825 million of various shares could be added. At the same time, the merged company would have granted $293 million in loans.

In their corporate vision statement, they denounce the voracity of Silicon Valley’s “pro-green censorship” throughout the current year 2021, issuing accusations of “demonetization, regulation and cancellation” against those who deviate from the “official script”. They even warn that they intend to “control the future” as well as “control you.”

It should be recalled that both former President Donald Trump and other right-wing politicians and entities contrary to the revolutionary discourse have seen how their profiles have been temporarily or indefinitely suspended, with blackmail based on the deletion of such “critical” content. In Spain, something similar happened to the political party Vox due to immigration issues.

Now, there are those who, naively, consider that the problem that “begets the monster” is the existence of freedom of speech, as a possible important part of laissez-faire, despite the fact that here we are defending negative freedom in the Austrian-Thomistic sense, not the positive freedom that may endorse relativism.

Investing in freedom of expression as a secure value

As Pope Paul VI rightly pointed out in Gaudium et Spes, one of the texts written for the documentary compilation known as the Second Vatican Council:

“The world of today reveals itself as at once powerful and weak, capable of achieving the best or the worst. There lies open before it the way to freedom or slavery, progress or regression, brotherhood or hatred. In addition, man is becoming aware that it is for himself to give the right direction to forces that he himself has awakened, forces that can be his master or his servant.”

St. Paul VI

From that text, one can infer that, whatever we can trust, we, as individuals, as motor and rational agents and as members of society, are masters of our future as a society. We will set all course if we want to.

Thus, it is important to uphold the value of the freedom of the individual as a subject of inner self and a component of free, fertile and flourishing families and societies, in order to achieve Good, Justice and Truth. At the same time, there are many possible investment concepts in the economic sphere.

Having said that, we can say that Donald Trump’s investment is not only a mere contribution to economic competition in communication and technology, but also an investment in favor of freedom of expression, since the defense of freedom of expression is one of the main motivations of these networks.

Freedom is in jeopardy if we deny ourselves

The enemies of freedom will never want us to think for ourselves or to have a realistic criterion that allows us to freely conceive of what we know as truth.

Those who actively or passively pave the way to totalitarianism do not want us to believe even in ourselves and our own. They intend us to have an absence of judgment, social cooperation and hope that will allow us to cling to their diabolical Artificial Providence.

They will try to apply the strongest possible social engineering, by means of technology, media, propaganda and education. But there is no question of overthrowing those natural rights which they absolutely hate.

Therefore, the way to defend ourselves from the “progressive” and revolutionary censorship is to keep an eye, for good, on the development possibilities of Alt Tech, on the dispersion advantages of the network of networks — of a non-centralizing paradigm — and on the potential of blockchain, as a revulsive.

In fact, and finally, let us not forget that we are sovereign consumers, as Ludwig von Mises would say, so we have every right in the world to exercise the freedom to reprove totalitarian practices and the promotion of dastardly ideological perversions.

Ángel Manuel García Carmona es ingeniero de software, máster en Big Data Analyst, columnista y tradicionalista libertario // Ángel Manuel García Carmona is a software engineer, master in Big Data Analyst, columnist and libertarian traditionalist.

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