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Trump: ‘I’m the Only One Who Gets Impeached and My Numbers Go Up’

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In an exclusive interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, pointed out that Biden lied about the work that the Republican Administration carried out on the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, who decided to participate in Newsmax before Fox News, commented to Kelly that Biden’s statements, who said that before his administration there were no vaccines, were “silly”. In addition, he commented on the polls that placed the former president as the most important figure in the GOP and the one that supporters want as a leader.

Trump and his numbers

When asked in another segment of the interview about recent polls conducted by various media outlets (such as Politico or CNBC) and the possibility of running again, former President Trump’s reactions were generally positive.

impeachment, trump, números
In polls by Politico, CNBC and Gallup, former President Trump has positive numbers. While before the impeachment most Americans wanted him out of politics, the radical majority of Republicans want him to continue leading the party and want him as a candidate for 2024. (Flickr)

“I won’t say it yet, but we have tremendous support. I’m the only one who gets impeached and my numbers go up. They’re way up. I think they’re higher than they were before the election.”

He then set out to recap on his administration and why the poll numbers are the way they are. “We lowered taxes, we removed regulations, we reformed the Army, how about the Space Force, the Space Force alone is a great accomplishment! For the first time in seventy-four years, a new branch of the American military has been created,” he recalled.

About the wall, the former president said: “Did you see, we built it! Mexico was getting ready to pay for the wall. We were going to tax them at the border. Mexico was going to pay. They were ready. They gave us 28,000 troops to guard it until it was built… And now you see what’s happening.”

The former president took the opportunity to congratulate President López Obrador for his help in building the wall. “The president of Mexico is a great man,” he said. He commented that the troops that the Mexican president provided to protect the wall between his country and the U.S. had “beautiful” construction.

Subsequently, the Republican lamented what is happening on the border, referring to the reversal that the controversial measure that in 2016 put the eyes of the world on his candidacy. “It is a disgrace,” closed the 45th president.

Trump on Biden: he’s lying or he’s mentally gone

During his intervention on Greg Kelly Reports, former President Trump took the opportunity to expose President Biden’s lies: “I saw that he said there was no vaccine when he came into office, and yet he received an injection before arriving at the White House.”

The former president commented that by November his administration already had millions of shots and millions of doses. “We announced it in November, but we actually had it [the material for the vaccines] substantially earlier.”

President Biden said during a CNN Town Hall interview that there were no vaccines in the first place, to work on the vaccination process at the beginning of his administration.

Biden “is either lying, or he’s mentally gone,” former President Trump asserted. “Joe is being liquidated on that whole issue [vaccine distribution]. Even my detractors are saying, hey, wait a minute. But this vaccine had been announced a long time ago.”” “People who aren’t exactly my fans are saying to [Biden]: those were bad statements.”

Trump - Biden - vacinnes - El American
Former President Trump claimed that the vaccines were ready before they were announced in November, contrary to President Biden’s claim that the Republican Administration had done nothing about the vaccines and doses. (Flickr)

The former president wryly said he would give him the benefit of the doubt. “Could it be that you’re kidding?” he said to Kelly.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017