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Trump Organization Found Guilty of Tax Fraud and Sentenced to Pay $1.6 Million in Fines

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The Trump Organization was sentenced on Friday at the New York Supreme Court after being convicted of a number of charges linked to tax evasion last year.

The company was found guilty in the case and was sentenced to pay fines totaling $1.6 million, or $800,000 for each of the two parties. The organization has 14 days to pay the fines.

Last month, a number of financial crime allegations against two Trump Organization entities were judged to be true.

Prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office demonstrated in court that the business avoided paying huge amounts of taxes by rewarding high-level employees with pricey perks. Over the course of the roughly 15-year scam, expensive automobiles, lavish residences, private school tuition, and other “off the books” presents were given out.

The conviction of Trump Corporation for nine crimes and Trump Payroll Corporation for eight felonies connected to the conspiracy by a New York jury took around ten hours.

Although the former president of the United States was deemed by the court to have authorized criminal activity as the company’s CEO, he was not a party to the case and is not currently being prosecuted.

The testimony of Allen Weisselberg, the former finance director of the Trump Organization, who had earlier pled guilty to charges of falsifying the accounts of the business and his personal remuneration package to evade paying taxes, was a key component of the prosecution’s case against the corporation. He agreed to testify in return for a five-month prison term he was offered.

Weisselberg admitted guilt last year to evading taxes on $1.7 million in work benefits, including a free Manhattan apartment, high-end vehicles, and the private school tuition for his grandkids. He received a sentence of five months in jail and five years of probation on Tuesday.

Less than two months after the veteran Trump executive’s testimony assisted in the tax fraud conviction of the former president’s firm, New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan handed down the punishment.

Weisselberg started serving his term at the Rikers Island prison facility in New York City, according to his lawyer. If he acts properly while in custody, he will be eligible for release in a little over three months.

The case was “unprecedented and legally incorrect” according to a representative for the Trump Organization who gave a statement to FOX Business, adding that the Trump Organization will probably appeal the decision.

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