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Trump Praises Ukrainians, Says Putin Would Not Have Dared to Invade If He Were President

Trump elogió a los ucranianos y dice que bajo su mando Rusia no hubiese invadido a Ucrania

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Former President Donald Trump said it was an “atrocity” and an “outrage” that Russia was decimating Ukrainians and noted that, for the world to be at peace, a strong United States was needed, not a weak one like the current one.

Trump used these words at the closing of the penultimate day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is being held in Orlando (central Florida) since Thursday, February 24.

The former president stressed that losing is not an option for Republicans in the midterm elections of 2022 or 2024, and that they not only have the duty to win, but to also ensure that the electoral process is not rigged.

Trump said Biden had caused more damage in just a very short 13 months in the White House, than the five worst U.S. presidents together.

Trump praised the Ukrainians

Speaking of Ukraine, Trump insisted that if he were in the White House now, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have taken the “cruel” decision to invade that country.

He praised the “brave” Ukrainians who are defending their country from the “assault on humanity,” as he called the Russian action, and claimed to have been the toughest U.S. president towards Russia.

Trump added that with George W. Bush in the presidency, Russia invaded Georgia; with Barack Obama, Crimea; and with Joe Biden, Ukraine.

“I stand as the only U.S president of the 21st century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country,” he asserted, before pointing out that if he had been at the helm of the United States, it would have been easy for him to stop the Russian invasion.

Trump further promised to regain energy independence and border security, as well as restore the confidence of Americans in their country, recover the economy, and make amends to the military, who he said had been humiliated with the surrender of Afghanistan.

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