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Trump Signs Executive Order for Federal Buildings to Follow “Classic Style”

Capitolio Washington Edificios

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The President of the U.S., Donald Trump, wants the aesthetics of the new federal buildings to be built in the country to follow the characteristics of classical architecture and, to that end, has signed an executive order.

The order, entitled “Promotion of Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture” and signed on December 18th, requires federal buildings to be “beautiful” and praises the characteristics of Greco-Roman architecture.

In contrast, recent modernist designs are described in the text as “ugly and inconsistent.”

The standard says that “societies have long recognized the importance of beautiful public architecture. The public buildings of ancient Greece and Rome were designed to be robust and useful, and also to beautify public spaces and inspire civic pride.”

“During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, public architecture continued to serve these purposes. The 1309 constitution of the city of Siena (Italy) required that ‘[whoever] governs the city must have the beauty of the city as his main concern, because he must bring pride, honor, wealth and growth to Sienese citizens, as well as pleasure and happiness to visitors from abroad,'” says the initiative.

And it goes on to justify that “public buildings [are] the ornament of a country. Architecture] establishes a nation, attracts people and commerce, makes people love their native country… Architecture points to eternity.”

However, this order, the text states, “will be implemented in accordance with the regulations in force and subject to the availability of appropriations.”

Furthermore, “it is not intended to create, nor does it create, any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable by law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies or entities, its officers, employees, agents or any other person,” it states.