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Trump Would Beat Biden If Elections Were Today, Poll Shows

Trump, El American

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A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports finds that, if the U.S. presidential election were held again today, Donald Trump would be elected president with a 6 percentage point lead over Joe Biden.

According to Rasmussen Reports data, 43% of Americans would vote for former President Trump versus 37% who would choose Biden, while 14% would opt for any other candidate.

The official results of the last election gave Biden as the winner with 51.3 % of the popular vote against 46.8 % obtained by Trump. But this time, according to Rasmussen, Trump would improve his numbers among women and black voters.

Support for Biden among moderate voters has plummeted 13 points, from 51 % to 38 %, while Trump has gained 5: from 33 % to 37 %. However, not everyone castigates Biden. The majority of respondents said they do not regret their 2020 vote: 87 % of Democrats maintain that their vote was the right one, although only 95 % of Republicans would vote for Trump again.

On the other hand, 11% of voters aged 18-39 regret their 2020 vote. The same is true for 14% of African-Americans, 9% of Democrats and 12% of moderates.

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Biden has lost support among surveyed voters of all ages, all races, all genders and all political affiliations. This includes Democrats, liberals and even conservatives who gave him their vote in 2020.

The poll was conducted Aug. 16-17, in the midst of the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan after 20 years, thousands of deaths and more than $2 billion spent.