Poll: If Elections Were Held Today, Trump Would Beat Biden

The Republican would get 47% of the vote compared to 41% for Joe Biden

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Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a presidential election, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, which was published exclusively by The Hill.

The poll indicated that if the election were held at this time, the Republican would get 47% of the vote compared to 41% for Joe Biden. 12% of voters said they were undecided between the two candidates.

If instead of Biden, the candidacy for the Democratic Party were headed by Kamala Harris, Trump’s triumph would be greater. The current vice-president would have 38%, while the former president would win 49% of the votes. “The poll, while very early, portends trouble for Democrats in their 2024 effort to maintain control of the White House after taking it back less than two years ago,” explained The Hill.

Americans Disapprove of Joe Biden’s Job

The poll also showed that Biden’s current approval rating is only 39%, while a majority of respondents said that both the economy and the direction of the country are on the wrong track.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll was conducted during March 23-24 and is a collaboration of Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and Harris Poll.

A poll published by El American explained that President Biden has reached a new low in his historically poor poll numbers: 55% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance as president.

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