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Trump’s Response to Biden’s State of the Union Speech

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Joe Biden gave a State of the Union speech that has been controversial and former President Donald Trump reacted to the main points addressed by the president. The Republican mainly criticized the issues of illegal immigration, crime, falling wages and corruption.

“Here’s the real State of the Union: Over the past two years under Biden, millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our southern border,” Trump said in remarks picked up by Breitbart.

The former president said that if he returns to power he will promote a secure border immigration policy. He made his promise while pointing out the corruption and crisis at the southern border.

“Drug cartels are now raking in billions of dollars from smuggling poison to kill our people and to kill our children,” Trump remarked.

The former president also referred to the country’s economic situation and argued that Americans are facing unprecedented inflation. “Biden and the radical Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars and caused the worst inflation in half a century.”

He added, “Real wages are down 21 months in a row, gas prices have soared and are now going much higher than even before, and the typical American family is paying $2,200 in increased energy and food costs each year.”

Biden’s State of the Union speech

Donald Trump’s comments were not the only ones. Biden had a speech that was marked by tense moments during the event. The Democratic president was booed and shouted down on several occasions.

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One of the most controversial moments was when the president assured that the Republicans intend to end Medicare and Social Security. The statement provoked a shake of Kevin McCarthy’s head and a spontaneous reaction among legislators.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene did not miss the opportunity to shout at him “liar!”. In the midst of the situation, Biden tried to qualify his statements, “I don’t think it’s a majority of you.”

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