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Trump’s Biggest Accomplishment: Abolishing The Activist Court

El mayor logro de Trump: abolir el tribunal activista, El American


President Trump is the conservative gift that keeps on giving. For too long, a debate on the role of the Court was needed. Our Founding Fathers envisioned the Supreme Court to be free of politics, outside influence, and the least powerful branch. Why? Because the Supreme Court’s job is to interpret what the Constitution says—not what it should say or protect.

For decades, the Court has regrettably ignored its duty by “creating” laws, dismissing the Constitution, and seemingly playing politics. The Court’s new composition appears to be reversing this dangerous pattern. And the nation can thank Trump for that.

Making a Mockery of the Court

The leaker is a symptom of a deeper illness that has been caused by the Democratic virus. Calling for Court-packing, antagonizing court nominees by calling them rapists and colonizers, and making a political circus of confirmation hearings have only made a mockery of our Judiciary.

An activist Court has contributed to this foolery by exceeding its reach and fabricating rights. Again, this debate transcends abortion rights, but the Constitution is silent on that issue. Ruling that abortion was constitutionally protected—whether one supports it or not—was a mistake. And the right thing to do is to overrule Roe.

Gay Marriage, Obamacare, and Other Rights

Left-wing mouthpieces have argued that same-sex marriage, among other “rights” like Obamacare—is under threat. And they are correct. All the “rights” that were fabricated by the activist Court are a disservice to the Constitution, the Framers, and the nation. But again—this transcends whether these issues are warranted or not.

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The U.S. Congress and our states’ legislatures must do what they are called upon to do: legislate. The nation must stop depending on our Judiciary for these political issues.

Democrats must start promoting their ideas and persuade the American people for them. Elections have consequences and the abolition of the activist Court is a consequence of the People’s Will in 2016.

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