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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Driving People to ‘Violent Extremism’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has warned that the Democratic Party’s goal is to create violent extremism through increasingly aggressive rhetoric.

“If the Democratic Party is trying to create violent extremism, they are doing exactly what you would do if you wanted to create it. They are making people paranoid and crazy. People feel totally helpless and scared,” he said on Fox News.

The remarks were made during a conversation he had with Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley about ongoing investigations related to what really happened on Capitol Hill last January 6th.

Both expressed concern about the number of unelected bureaucrats and corporations that were getting involved.

“The FBI took, without a warrant, stole, effectively, phone records of members of Congress and anyone who was on Capitol Hill that day, how can that be legal?” wondered Tucker Carlson

Hawley said he was not sure it was legal, and stated that while it was important that the criminals be located and prosecuted, some of the actions being taken go beyond that.

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