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Tucker Monologue Drops Stunning Revelation: Biden’s Inner Circle Drug Him with ‘Pills’ for Cognitive Decline

Tucker Carlson gave a mortifying glimpse behind the dark curtain of the White House administration in a Friday primetime monologue that was nothing short of damning.

The Fox News host revealed in the midst of a stemwinder monologue that the president’s handlers keep him drugged up with pills to treat his cognitive decline before every public appearance. It is worth watching in full.

“The problem with Joe Biden is he’s cognitively unable to serve,” Tucker said. “But take three steps back. That’s not Joe Biden’s fault. It’s not his fault. He has dementia. No. The fact that Joe Biden is president is an indictment of the media and the Democratic Party because they have known, contrary to what they’re telling you now, Joe Biden’s decline.

“His full-blown senility has been obvious for more than three years,” he continued. “We noticed it. We’re not doctors.”

“And by the way, we had no special animus toward Joe Biden at all,” he went on. “But we watched him. And we said this out loud for the first time, we checked today, on May 14th, 2019. As of today, pretty much everyone paid to prognosticate on television still considers Biden, the prohibitive front runner in the race. He checks every box. Therefore he must get the nomination. That’s how they think. ‘Cause they’re dumb. What they’re leaving out of the equation is Biden himself.

Watch this video and ask yourself is Joe Biden really going to be the Democratic nominee, much less president of the United States,” he said before airing the clip. “It was shot yesterday in New Hampshire. Keep in mind. We have not altered it in any way. This is entirely real.”

After Tucker Carlson Tonight aired Biden’s response to a reporter’s questions on Chinese tariffs, he continued the scorching monologue.

“But wait a second,” Carlson said. “You’re saying to yourself that didn’t make any sense. Not a single phrase in a full minute of talking conveyed an intelligible idea. Not one. That wasn’t even word salad. It was a verbal Jackson Pollock painting: Nouns, verbs, adjectives spilled like cans of paint, bleeding into each other. A sticky postmodern mess.”

“At one point, Biden actually jumped from point 2 directly to point 4, just to let you know that your old-fashioned linear assumptions about numerical sequencing are no good here, man,” Carlson snarked. “That’s yesterday’s mathematics.”

“So, we put that on the air back in 2019,” Tucker noted. “Again, not because we were particularly against Joe Biden. He seemed a lot better than Beto O’Rourke or Mayor Pete. We put it on ’cause we happened to be watching one day and tried to follow what he was about China. ‘Cause it seemed important. Now one national news organization had noted at all that this guy couldn’t speak in complete sentences or couldn’t convey coherent ideas. Nobody had ever mentioned that.”

“This was clearly cognitive decline,” he continued. “This was dementia. Obviously. So we drew a conclusion that now sounds ridiculous, but it seemed logical at the time, this guy can’t be the Democratic nominee. He can barely speak. How did he manage to get through the campaign?”

Then, Tucker Carlson dropped the real bombshell — confirming what many political observers had surmised for years.

“Well, it turned out, we learned later, his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance, checking the time and at a certain hour, giving him a dose of something,” Tucker revealed. “Now that’s not a guess. We’re not making that up. We spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times.”

“Now before taking the medication, this person said Biden was, quote, ‘like a small child’,” Tucker added. “You could not communicate with him. He changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs.”

“No one’s pushing to know what those drugs are,” he said. “We should know. But the point is Joe Biden’s dementia was perfectly obvious to everyone around him more than three years ago.”

“So, we never thought this could happen,” he went on. “You can’t make a senile man President of the United States. This is our country. This is a real country. It needs a real leader. Even when you disagree with him, but someone who’s in full possession of his faculties .No one would ever do that. It’s crazy.”

“We’re completely wrong,” Tucker confessed. “We are wrong because we underestimated the cynicism and the recklessness of the Democratic Party and the media who served them. They will say literally anything, no matter how implausible or immoral, if it brings them more power.”

“They knew exactly how incapacited Joe Biden was,” he said. “They lied about it. And the disaster we’re living with today is a direct result of their lying.”

Tucker went on to note several disturbing incidents involving President Biden’s obvious dementia, which he said could literally go on for an hour. It included Biden attempting to shake hands with an invisible man and making a grievous misstatement about the Holocause.

Suffice it to say, America is in real trouble. It was all premediated by the White House’s inner circle, including many of the shadow advisers that Tucker names in his monologue. Yet as ‘horrible’ as it all is, it’s just as much an indictment of the American people who ignore this existential threat to the country as it is the Biden White House. Let us all hope that Tucker’s words ring true and the ‘scam is up.’

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