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Twitter Considers Charging for ‘Subscription Services’

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Twitter is currently evaluating whether to add subscription services and other paid features to supplement its advertising revenue.

“Increasing revenue durability is our primary business objective. You will see us continue to research and experiment with ways to further diversify our revenue beyond ads in 2021 and beyond,” Twitter’s head of revenue product, Bruce Falck, said in a statement.

The company is considering a variety of ideas. These include the adding of new features, including tips, paid consumer features such as profile customizations or an “undo send” option, or subscription-based access to the Tweetdeck app.

“These may include subscriptions and other approaches that will give people and businesses of all sizes on Twitter access to unique features and enhanced opportunities for content creation, discovery and engagement,” Falck added.

Falck said the company is still in “very early exploration” and does not expect to see any “significant revenue” attributable to these features this year, and Twitter’s primary focus remains on growing the ad business.

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