Twitter Censors El American’s Account

El American strongly rebukes Twitter for its reckless assault on free speech after our account was unilaterally suspended amid the release of our Idiot of the Week column, where we condemn a former elected official’s ludicrous claims

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We have been censored by Twitter. The reason appears to be a Twitter thread advertising our popular “Idiot of the Week” columns, which is perhaps one of the most creative and controversial on our site.

We all know that being unconventional, unbiased, and free in editorial lines can prove costly. In this case, our Twitter account has been barred and restricted because, allegedly, our content “violates” the platform’s rules.

But what was our crime? To say that we consider it idiotic to compare the state guard proposed by the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, with the armed groups with which the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela intimidates and persecutes citizens.

This was the offensive and ludicrous comparison by former U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell—a Democrat, of course—for which she earned a spot in our well-known Idiot of the Week.

Despite the fact that the representative’s statement is absolutely far from reality, the social network considers it a priority to censor those who call her claims idiotic—rather than asking or verifying her insulting allegations.

We would like to think that we live in a world where it is possible to disagree with the other’s way of thinking, to express our ideas freely and to encourage debate from both sides of the ideological spectrum. However, we live in a society where Big Tech plays an increasingly prominent role and where censorship is unilaterally imposed without the right to defense.

I can anticipate that this will not be the last time a situation like this occurs, but I ask myself a question: how long will Twitter be able to impose its leftist political correctness and remain unpunished?

We will wait for an answer.

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