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Twitter Suspends Journalist Andy Ngo for Reporting a Death Threat

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This Thursday morning, independent journalist and The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo denounced that Twitter suspended his account for making public on that platform a death threat he received by email.

“I was forced to delete the tweet that showed the death threat I was sent,” the journalist posted on his social networks. “Twitter’s appeal team determined it was a violation of the death threat sender’s privacy.”

According to Twitter, the journalist broke its rules for publishing the email address that sent him the death threat “without their express authorization and permission.”

A death threat is not enough

The communicator appealed the decision, but Twitter forced him to remove the post in order to be able to use his account again. “Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision,” the platform responded to Ngo’s appeal request.

After removing the post, the journalist returned to the platform to denounce what happened: “Twitter’s appeal team determined it was a violation of the death threat sender’s privacy,” he tweeted.

Ngo also denounced that the persecution against him is “coordinated and organized” by the ultra-left Antifa organization. “This is something they’ve been doing for years,” the journalist affirmed.

“From dozens of fake copyright complaints to even a frivolous lawsuit, they scheme on how to take me down when they aren’t busy threatening violence & being violent,” he culminated.

Ngo has previously been suspended from Twitter several times. Most recently in November 2019, for a response to human rights activist, Clinton Foundation operative and political heiress, Chelsea Clinton, regarding murder rates of trans people.

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