Twitter suspende cuenta viral que informaba sobre el juicio contra Ghislaine Maxwell

Twitter Mysteriously Bans Viral Account About Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

The profile had more than 525,000 followers and became popular after it started reporting the details of the trial against the British socialite

Twitter spurred great controversy in social networks after suspending the “Ghislaine Maxwell trial” account during the morning of Wednesday, December 8.

The account, which had 525,000 followers, went viral and popular for reporting the details of the trial against the British socialite, who has been charged with eight counts of sex trafficking and was pointed out by prosecutors as tycoon and child molester Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand in sex abuse cases. 

In its bio, the viral Twitter account said it was “tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. All major media outlets are silent on it. Politicians are using their power within the system to silence the truth.”

After the account was suspended, many users denounced Twitter’s action, questioning the reasons for the suspension. “Twitter suspended this viral account reporting the facts of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. What are they trying to hide?!” one user denounced on Twitter.

Another user called it “insane” that Twitter had just “suspended the account that was tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.”

Some users also associated the suspensions of these accounts with Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, who is increasing restrictions on content within the platform.

Where to follow the Ghislaine Maxwell trial now?

Following the account suspension, many users wondered if “Ghislaine Maxwell trial” has a backup to continue reporting on the case. The answer is yes, according to YouTuber Shoe0nHead, who has been following Maxwell’s case and left several recommendations by journalists and accounts through which the trial can be followed.

Also, the Daily Wire has two undercover reporters on the ground to report on the trial.

Television cameras are not allowed in the federal courthouse in New York, where the trial is being held.

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