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U.S. Made Parts Found in Iranian Drones Used by Russia

Encuentran piezas fabricadas en USA en drones iraníes usados por Rusia, EFE

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Parts manufactured by thirteen American companies have been found in the wreckage of one of the Iranian drones used by Russia to bomb targets in Ukraine, CNN reported Wednesday.

The American media, citing Ukrainian intelligence sources, claimed that these parts were found on an Iranian drone that was shot down in Ukraine last fall and that the data obtained were communicated by Kyiv to U.S. government officials late last year.

Last month, the White House created a task force to investigate how American and Western technology, from smaller equipment such as semiconductors and GPS modules to larger parts such as engines, has been able to end up inside Iran’s drones, a country under a strong system of sanctions.

The United States has for years imposed strict restrictions and tough export controls and sanctions to prevent Iran from obtaining the technology and components to enable it to manufacture weapons.

Now, Washington is seeking better enforcement of those sanctions by encouraging companies to better monitor their own supply chains and try to identify outside distributors who take these products and resell them, according to the network.

CNN indicated that there is no evidence to suggest that any of those companies, which it does not identify, violate U.S. laws and knowingly export their technology for use in drones.

Experts in the field explained that even for many companies, which promise greater oversight, controlling where these parts end up in the global marketplace is often very difficult.

Of the 52 components that the Ukrainians removed from the Iranian Shahed-136 drone analyzed, 40 appear to have been manufactured by 13 different American companies, according to the investigation.

The remaining 12 components were manufactured by companies in Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and China, the report adds.

In recent weeks, Russia has launched hundreds of Iranian-made drones against Ukraine, most of them to destroy basic facilities and infrastructure in the country.