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UFC and Olympic Champion Henry Cejudo Endorses Abraham Hamadeh For Arizona Attorney General

Hamadeh, El American

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PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER and UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo, the first Mexican-American to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games, endorsed Republican pre-candidate for Arizona Attorney General Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh.

A staunch supporter of the American dream, Cejudo appreciates Hamadeh’s family history, who, like the wrestler’s family, found in the United States a country of opportunity that provided them with the well-being they could not find in their home country.

“[Hamadeh] recognizes the sacrifice his parents made for him, as mine did for me,” the athlete said in a video and invited his followers to vote for the candidate in the Republican primaries this coming August 2.

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Hamadeh against the woke left

As a veteran of the Army intelligence and former prosecutor in Arizona, the Republican candidate says he is “not done fighting” for America and that his fight is “just getting started.”

“As your Attorney General, we will fight back against the insanity of Big Tech, against the ‘woke’ left corporations who boycott states and condemn America but refuse to utter a word against China, and against Washington’s overreach into the daily lives of Arizonans,” says his campaign pledge.

Abe Hamadeh’s candidacy has been endorsed by major GOP figures such as former President Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul, and former Homeland Security Director in the previous Republican administration, Richard Grenell.