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Ukraine, A Hundred Days of War

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On Friday, Ukrainians fought its 100th day of war. When we look back in history, war seems to last much longer, so “100 days” may not strike us as long enough. However, this is probably 98 days longer than what Putin expected when he decided Russia should invade its sovereign neighbor. This miscalculation, among many others, is a palpable sample of Ukraine’s resilience and determination.

There are other reasons, nonetheless, to count the days of war. It is normal —though deplorable and disrespectful— to “grow tired” of topics. After the second week of being bombed with news, we develop the emotional need to look elsewhere for comfort and distraction. Nevertheless, under no circumstance must we forget that Ukrainians are being actually bombed at home, while millions, particularly children, have been forced into exile. 

In this context, it is imperative to remember that the worst might be yet to come. A huge disruption in grain supplies is threatening the entire planet with global food shortages. Inflation and oil prices are spiking everywhere. The dynamics of imports and exports have also been disturbed, causing great damage all around the world. 

The geopolitics of Europe have been forever reshaped, with Germany investing more in defense and Sweden and Finland knocking on NATO’s door. On top of that —lest not forget— Putin is still a madman, and he still has a nuclear code.

Risks have not faded away—our focus has. We must not forget Ukraine.

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