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Ukraine Blocks Men Aged 18 to 60 From Leaving the Country

Images on social media show men in Ukraine enlisting for war and saying goodbye to their families

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Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv will not allow men aged 18 to 60 to leave the country.

After Putin ordered the invasion and attacked Ukrainian military bases leaving hundreds dead, the Ministry of Interior ordered all men to stay in the country fighting for its independence.

The head of the Lviv regional customs, Daniil Menshikov, posted the “urgent” message on Facebook late Thursday.

“An urgent message!! To the attention of citizens!! Due to the military state, men – citizens of Ukraine, aged 18 to 60 will not be released outside our state.”

“Please do not create panic and do not try to cross the border on your own! Victory is upon us! Glory to Ukraine!” he said.

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Early in the morning, the Ministry of Defense called all men willing to join the Armed Forces and announced that the only necessary requirement would be to carry a passport. Subsequently, it reported that it was recruiting to the militia, former Russian soldiers and more civilians.

At the same time, the interior minister announced that 10,000 automatic rifles have already been delivered to civilians in Kyiv in the last hours.

Images on social media show how hundreds of men are preparing for military service to defend Ukraine from Russia. Meanwhile, videos show parents saying goodbye to their children to go to war.

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