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Ukraine Ready to Renounce NATO Membership If Russia Stops Attacks

Ucrania está dispuesta a renunciar a convertirse en miembro de la OTAN, si Rusia detiene su ataque

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Ukraine is ready to give up its aspiration to become a NATO member by way of compromise towards Moscow, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor, Igor Zhovkva, told German public television ARD.

“We can talk about Ukraine’s neutrality under certain conditions,” Zhovkva said, asked about that question and after Zelensky also hinted at readiness to “address” with Moscow the status of the separatist republics of Donbas.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized those republics, followed by the dispatch of troops.

“We want guarantees on Ukraine’s sovereignty,” added the Ukrainian president’s advisor to the aforementioned German television, after ratifying Kyiv’s willingness to “talk” with Moscow.

The essential conditions for such negotiations are the withdrawal of Russian troops and a cease-fire, added the advisor, who on the other hand urged the German government to issue stronger sanctions against Russia, including the complete blocking of the Swift system for Russian banks.

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