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Ukraine to Receive 4.5 Billion Additional Aid from the U.S.

Gobierno dará 4.500 millones más en ayudas a Ucrania, EFE

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The United States will grant Ukraine $4.5 billion in aid so the country can allocate these funds to budgetary needs such as hospital spending, public employee and teacher salaries, and social assistance for the most vulnerable.

In a statement, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced this new batch that will be sent in the coming weeks and that “combined” with military aid is intended to be an important tool in Ukraine’s “resistance” to the invasion by Russia.

This new payment brings U.S. aid to Ukraine to $13 billion, according to the statement.

“We encourage other donors to increase and accelerate their assistance to Ukraine,” Yellen said in this message in which she recalled that the U.S. Treasury Department will continue to help the country with other tools such as “historic sanctions” on Russia that are “weaken Putin’s war machine.”