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‘They Raped Girls in Front of Their Parents’: Ukrainian Ambassador to Latin America on Russian Army

"They Raped Girls in Front of Their Parents": Ukrainian Ambassador to Latin America on Russian Army

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UKRAINE has been fighting for more than 6 months to hold its territory and Ukrainians will keep doing so because their motivation is to defend their values, their family and their country. Despite the Russian offensive, they remain with the conviction of not giving up until victory.

Ruslan Spirin, Ukraine’s special ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean, explained that the attacks by the Russians are not only against the Ukrainian military, but also affect civilians. He detailed that at least 2,500 schools have been destroyed.

“That is what the Russian army does. We are not going to surrender. We do not intend to occupy territory of other countries, but we are going to defend ours, recognized by the UN”, he said during a conversation with El American.

He added: “They killed people, removed their fingernails, noses, eyes and raped girls in front of their parents. That upset the Ukrainians so much that they rose up to defend themselves. They are so barbaric that they resemble animals.”

After 6 months of war Spirin assures that Vladimir Putin’s plans to take Ukrainian territory were not fulfilled. “Putin planned to take the territory and our capital. It seems that he wants to take back the whole territory from the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire because he thinks he is a conqueror, but it turns out that those three or four days are now six months because he did not achieve his plans,” he assured.

Ukraine will fight until victory

In addition, the ambassador has no doubt that after so many months the citizens have lost their fear. He emphasized that Ukrainians rose up in defense of their country and are now working to return to normality. He detailed that the Russian regime is not as strong as it is shown. “Russia lost so much that what it is trying to do is to survive. What is happening is that it has a lot of old weapons and its Army is 30 times bigger, and yet Ukraine has resisted the Russian offensive.”

“We are defending our families, our lands and our homes. We do not intend to occupy or invade any other territory. We are defending our country and Europe because Russian deputies have said that they intend to conquer other countries and some say they want to go all the way to England, and those are not empty statements,” he added.

After so long, media coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has decreased. However, Spyrin maintains that everyone is still paying attention to the situation and he is convinced that the international commmunity’s support will continue.

“We have no doubt that we will not lose the support of the international community because this is not a threat to Ukraine, but to the whole world. What Russia uses the most is a terror of threatening everyone and no one can feel safe. What Russia is playing is to provoke,” he said.

Finally, he referred to the economic situation in Ukraine. He pointed out that “we have to go on with our lives, defending our Army and trying to recover our economy. From here we send a message of peace. We wish that for the whole world.”

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