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Ukrainian Intelligence Shares List of Over 600 Names of Russian Spies in Europe

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Intelligence shared a list with the names of more than “600 Russian spies” working in Europe. The document indicates that these would be Federal Security Service workers, and is released with the intention of diminishing the influence of Russian intelligence operations on the continent.

The list has names, phone numbers, passport numbers, registration addresses, license plate numbers, and, in some cases, financial details of the officials. It also details the home addresses of some individuals.

Russian spies in Europe after Ukraine invasion

The information comes in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and at a time when other European countries have warned about the presence of alleged Russian spies on the continent. Just last week, Polish government spokesman Stanisław Żaryn announced that his country’s Foreign Ministry had summoned the Russian ambassador and detailed that 45 Russian diplomats would be expelled from Poland.

Żaryn explained during a press conference in Warsaw that the secret services prepared a list of 45 people “from Russian diplomatic circles” which was forwarded to the Foreign Ministry to proceed with their expulsion, on the grounds that they “work for the Russian intelligence service.”

The Polish authorities also reported the arrest in Warsaw of an employee of the Civil Registry of that city, accused of spying for Russia.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, “supplied news and information that could harm the Republic of Poland,” according to an official statement, and will be remanded in custody for at least three months at the request of the public prosecutor.

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