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The United Kingdom and Sweden Sign Mutual Security Assurances Agreement with Military Support

Reino Unido y Suecia firman acuerdo de garantías de seguridad mutuas con apoyo militar

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson signed on Wednesday a declaration of mutual security pacts that includes military support, while Sweden finalizes the process to decide whether to apply for NATO membership.

The agreement includes a commitment to help in the event of a crisis or military attack, as well as increased cooperation in areas such as military intelligence, technology, arms purchases and military exercises.

Johnson described the agreement as a “fundamental stone” in the relationship between the two countries and stressed that support for Sweden is independent of Sweden’s decision on the Alliance.

The British Prime Minister will continue his trip today to Helsinki, where he will meet with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and is expected to sign another similar agreement before Finland also takes a decision on its possible NATO membership.

Both Sweden and Finland have for years been allies but not members of the Alliance, although the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a shift in the position of both that could lead to NATO membership.

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