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University of Northampton Censors George Orwell’s ‘1984’


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The University of Northampton has censored George Orwell’s novel 1984. According to information received by the Daily Mail, the institution issued a warning on Orwell’s novel “on the grounds that it contains ‘explicit material’ which some students may find ‘offensive and upsetting.’”

In response to the university’s warning, several critics, consulted by the Daily Mail, expressed their disagreement with the decision. Orwell’s novel is about totalitarian power pursuing individual thought.

“Its plot centres on Winston Smith, a government employee who is arrested and tortured over an illicit love affair, but it also makes powerful points about what can happen to a society that doesn’t cherish academic freedoms or its own history,” the newspaper explained.

Today’s society compared to the one narrated by George Orwell

Several experts find similarities between today’s society and the world of 1984, suggesting that we are beginning to live in what has become known as “Orwellian” society. In fact, personalities such as Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have compared the work of major technologies to this type of system.

Today’s society compared to the one narrated by George Orwell

“I think what we’re really witnessing is Orwellian. It’s a Big Tech, corporate media collusion,” DeSantis said in April 2021 to criticize Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives.

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