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U.S.-Mexico Nuclear Cooperation Agreement Underway

En marcha acuerdo de cooperación nuclear entre USA y México, EFE

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The United States and Mexico launched on Wednesday their first peaceful nuclear energy cooperation pact, which allows for the transfer of nuclear equipment between countries.

“The agreement will enhance our energy security cooperation and strengthen our diplomatic and economic relationship,” the U.S. State Department explained in a statement.

The agreement is the first bilateral pact on nuclear energy to be signed by both countries and “establishes the conditions for nuclear trade between the United States and Mexico,” said the department headed by Secretary Antony Blinken.

Specifically, it regulates the transfer from the United States to Mexico of nuclear material, equipment such as reactors, components, and information for nuclear energy research and production.

The State Department clarified that its objective is “peaceful nuclear cooperation with Mexico based on a mutual commitment to nuclear non-proliferation”.

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