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US Senate approves dropping Covid-19 national emergency

US Senate approves dropping Covid-19 national emergency, EFE

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The United States Senate approved Wednesday a bill to stop considering Covid-19 a national emergency.

The measure was approved in the House of Representatives and was in the process of being signed by US President Joe Biden.

Although Biden had threatened to veto a similar resolution in the past, he said Wednesday he would not oppose the measure.

The White House announced it would stop considering the pandemic a national emergency May 11, implying the government would start treating Covid-19 as an endemic disease.

It said this grace period until May would avoid the “chaos and uncertainty in the health system” that would occur if the initiative to end the national emergency, initially introduced by Republicans with bipartisan support.

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In December, congress approved additional measures that were part of the emergency declaration, such as additional funding for states, would be gradually dismantled.