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US Takes Control of Venezuelan Embassy and Official Residences

Estados Unidos tomó el control de la embajada y residencias oficiales de Venezuela, EFE

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On February 6, the U.S. State Department took control of the Venezuelan embassy and official residences in that country, after the diplomatic representation of the former interim government of Juan Guaidó ceased its functions.

Bloomberg, which published the information according to sources familiar with the matter, reported that this has reinforced the confusion as to who will represent the opposition in foreign countries.

The National Assembly elected in 2015 appointed Fernando Blasi, who served as commercial attaché during Carlos Vecchio’s tenure as the ambassador of the interim government in Washington, as its representative in the United States in mid-January.

But since Blasi was not appointed by the Executive, but by opposition deputies, the U.S. government did not grant him an extension of his diplomatic status.

The agency also noted that this week a group of people was still working outside the embassy and diplomatic residences. The authorities reportedly gave them 30 days in January to resolve their immigration status.

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It added that on Wednesday they were denied entry to the buildings, located in Washington and New York, and that Vecchio handed the keys to the 2015 National Assembly Property Council.