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Uyghur Activist Rushan Abbas Decries Inhumane Persecution by China’s Communist Regime

Rushan Abbas, El American

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Uighur-American activist Rushan Abbas attended a press conference Thursday along with a group of congressmen to lend her support to the bill known as the Crucial Communism Teaching Act (CCT). Abbas told her dramatic story of survival in the face of China‘s communist regime.

“We must raise future generations to recognize the dangers of communist ideologies that will deny human dignity. Just as the case of my own people, the Uyghurs, facing active genocide,” Abbas said.

The activist claims that in retaliation for speaking out against the atrocities that Uyghurs face, her sister Dr. Gulshan Abbas was kidnapped and 24 of her husband’s relatives were sent to concentration camps.

For Abbas, teaching the deadly consequences of communism is “vital”

“It’s vital that we educate the current generation on this and on all the other crimes being conducted by the repressive regime,” Abbas pointed out. “We must show them where the world has failed to act in the past, we must teach them to act in the future. The Crucial Communism Teaching Act sets a strong foundation.”

From her perspective, students must have the opportunity to explore “first-hand accounts” about what life under “oppressive and despotic regimes” like China’s means. “We must examine atrocities head on, to expose them for what they are: deep violations of human dignity.”

As an example of Communist China’s ideologizing tactics, Abbas pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party prepared “the version of history” that avoids the crimes committed by its leaders in the past.

“The future of the free world is depending on the willingness of the international community to confront the evil. We must commit to teaching about the horrors of the past for the sake of our next generations. For the sake of the world that our children and our grandchildren inherit, and for the future of humanity,” Abbas concluded.

The CCT bill was introduced on Thursday before Congress by Cuban-American Representative Maria Elvira Salazar with the support of some 60 members of Congress and seeks to make the teaching of the horrors of communism mandatory in U.S. public schools.

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