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Venezuelan Criminal Gang ‘Tren de Aragua’ Members Changed Identity to Enter U.S. as Refugees

Miembros de banda criminal venezolana "Tren de Aragua"cambiaron de identidad para ingresar a EEUU como refugiados

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Members of the “Tren de Aragua,” a Venezuelan criminal organization that has expanded throughout Latin America, managed to enter the US across the border by changing their identity.

According to a source in Caracas, Venezuela, two members of the criminal gang traveled overland from Colombia to the northern border of Mexico and managed to enter the US after changing their identity.

The source, who gave the real names and showed photos to El American of the criminals on US land, said that the members of the criminal organization currently reside in Orlando, Florida, and one of them managed to acquire a vehicle with his fake ID and subsequently applied for Florida license plates.

In order to protect the source, El American decided not to expose the names and photographs. If leaked, the source’s life and that of his family would be at risk.

The gang members had not been living in Venezuela for a couple of years, but in Bogota, from where they operated their criminal organization.

“They made a lot of money and, trying to escape the gang war, they changed their identity by bribing Venezuelan officials to get passports under other names.”

Last Sunday, September 18, Breitbart news agency reported that Maduro’s regime was emptying Venezuela’s prisons, with the alleged aim of sending criminals to the US border.

According to the report, an anonymous CBP source saw a Department of Homeland Security report received by the Border Patrol that “instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from prison to enter the US.”

As to whether the trip of the two members of the Tren de Aragua to the US was organized or promoted by the Maduro regime, the source assured that he has no information on the matter and that he does not consider it possible.

“It probably is an isolated act of corruption,” he said.

Venezuela has the record number of refugees in the world

Venezuela has the record number of refugees in the world

Venezuela is currently the country with the highest number of refugees worldwide, even above war —torn nations such as Ukraine or Syria. Currently, the South American country has 6.8 million refugees in the world, according to the latest report of the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela (R4V).

The arrival of Venezuelan migrants to the US has generated controversy in recent weeks, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a plane with Venezuelan migrants to the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineryard in Massachusetts, to call attention to the migration crisis in the southern states of the country, which has been ignored by the Biden Administration.

Some Venezuelans in the US ask not to stigmatize the entire population, although they claim to be aware of and reject the arrival of criminals to the country.

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