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Venezuelans in the U.S. Reject Negotiations Between Biden and Maduro

Venezolanos en Estados Unidos rechazan las negociaciones entre la Administración Biden y el régimen de Maduro

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The Veppex (Organization of Venezuelan Political Persecuted in Exile) expressed on Monday its “rejection” of the visit made this weekend by a high-level delegation of American officials to Caracas to meet with members of Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

Veppex, based in Miami (Florida), said in a statement that it is “completely incongruous to manifest the illegitimacy and criminality of Maduro and then meet with him seeking some kind of trade agreement in view of the serious situation being experienced due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

The purpose of the trip to Venezuela was, as confirmed today by government spokeswoman Jen Psaki, “to discuss a range of issues — including, certainly, energy security.”

This is the first visit of high-ranking American officials to Venezuela in years.

For this group of Venezuelan exiles, “the meeting with Maduro evidences some kind of recognition of his figure as legitimate president of Venezuela and obviates his criminal career as drug trafficker, terrorist and human rights violator, for which he has a reward and open trials in the United States.”

According to Veppex, the United States “wastes its time trying to negotiate with Maduro” and “disregards its own power by reaching an understanding with the criminal delinquency represented” by Nicolás Maduro “in the continent.”

“You cannot fight a tyrant, acknowledging and negotiating with another one,” affirmed the Venezuelan organization.

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