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WATCH: Videos of the Nashville Christian School Shooting Released by Police.

Authorities released video of the 28-year-old female shooter walking around a Nashville Christian school before opening fire on six people, three of whom were children.

Security camera footage from outside the Covenant School building shows the gunman arriving on campus and driving around the building before entering the school through glass doors. The shooter then wanders along the corridors, holding her assault weapon up to unlock doors and peer around corners. While the footage does not feature sound, it seems the school’s alarms went off as lights began flashing in the corridors after the gunman shattered the glass to gain inside.

WARNING: Some readers may find the following footage disturbing.

The shooter, a woman who had recently identified as a man, entered the school with three guns around 10:13 a.m. Monday, killing three adults, including the school’s principal, and three 9-year-old children in what authorities called a “targeted attack.” When police arrived 14 minutes later, the shooter opened fire on them from a second-story window. Nonetheless, the police were able to enter the school before two Metro Nashville cops returned fire and killed the shooter.

Local officials and the FBI raided the female shooter’s residence on Monday afternoon. During the search, police said they discovered “a manifesto” as well as detailed blueprints of the school with points of access. The police chief stated that officials have a notion about the shooter’s motivation but are not yet ready to divulge it.

UPDATE: A second video was released yesterday from the Body cam footage of one of the officers involved in the procedure which shows how the shooter was taken down after several gun fires are shot. Watch:

The shooter planned to attack several locations, according to AFP News Agency.

The six victims were identified by police as three 9-year-old children and three adults aged 60 and up.

The victims are “Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all age 9, Cynthia Peak, age 61, Katherine Koonce, age 60, and Mike Hill, age 61,” according to the Metro Nashville Police Department. Katherine Koonce was the Covenant School’s principal.

The Covenant School, located in Nashville’s upscale Green Hills area, educates children from preschool to sixth grade.