You Have a Point

You Have a Point is a place for friends to talk about much more than politics. In confidence, Vanessa, Vianca, Mariela and Daniela talk about pop culture, current events, entertainment, economics, politics and the topics that are on the table every week.


Vanessa Vallejo gathers political experts and today’s most influential decision makers to analyze our current political climate. El American Live gives viewers an analysis that is raw, direct, and completely free of political correctness and “woke” censorship. On Tuesday’s at 7:00 p.m. ET, El American’s readers have a meeting with the truth.

Culture War

Emmanuel Rincon analyzes the most important aspects of the cultural war that has been waged for decades in Western civilization and America to defeat liberal states and consolidate authoritarian and collectivist governments in the world.

Las Movies

El American presents “Las Movies” with host Ignacio M. García Medina, who each week discusses the latest films, TV, music, comics, video games and other forms of popular culture from a pro-freedom perspective.

The Dissident

The Dissident is a space for contrarianism and counter-culture for those sick of today’s oppressive culture of outrage and sensitivity. Hosted by journalist Rafael Valera, the show explores the most important political and cultural issues of the day from a perspective rarely heard in the mainstream media.