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Virginia Gov. Youngkin Turns Diversity Officer Into ‘Ambassador for Unborn Children’

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Virginia’s newly inaugurated governor, Republican Glenn Youngkin, signed an executive order that will turn the state’s diversity officer into an “ambassador for unborn children.”

Under the order, his office’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will be dedicated to promoting “ideas, policies, and practices” aimed at “eliminating disparities” in prenatal care in the local health care system.

Thus, the new role of the diversity office will be to “facilitate bringing Virginians of different faiths together in service to their communities and the Commonwealth.”

Youngkin flips Virginia

Additionally, the new DEI officer will be tasked to “promote free speech and civil discourse in civic life, including viewpoint diversity in higher education in coordination with the Secretary of Education.”

In that regard, the legislation seeks to include parents in the debate over what will be taught in the education system, in order to ensure that “the teaching of Virginia’s and US history is honest, objective, and complete.”

With this move, Youngkin makes use of the precepts imposed by the promoters of Critical Race Theory (such as equity and diversity) and turns them into a tool to promote conservative values, taking advantage of the weapons of the woke activists of the previous administration.

A sign of this was the reaction of the leftist organization Planned Parenthood, which condemned on Twitter Youngkin’s decision to turn the DEI office into anti-abortion territory.

“Virginia now has a DEI officer encouraged to spout and defend anti-abortion legislation, some of the least inclusive and equitable policy on the books,” tweeted the organization.

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