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The Real Reason Warner Bros. Is Scrapping ‘Batgirl’ After $90M in Production

Warner Bros. no estrenará "Batgirl" pese a gastar $90 millones en su producción

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Warner Bros., the studio that owns the DC Comics franchise, will not release the movie Batgirl despite the fact that it has already finished shooting and cost more than 90 million dollars.

According to the specialized press in Hollywood, the studio confirmed internally on Tuesday that it does not intend to screen the film in theaters and will not release it on its streaming platform HBO Max, quoting a change of strategy after its merger with the Discovery group.

The film had been in Warner Bros. plans for several years and featured a Dominican-born actress, Leslie Grace (In The Heights), to play the superheroine.

Alongside Grace, J.K. Simmons played Jim Gordon and Michael Keaton reprised his role as Batman.

About the film, Batgirl had a script written by Christina Hodson, responsible for the plot of Birds of Prey and The Flash, while Bad Boys for Life duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were at the helm of directing.

The news came as a surprise to the Hollywood industry because it was a shoot with a budget of close to $100 million, which was in post-production and had had prior promotion.

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Initially, Batgirl was going to be an HBO Max exclusive release.

Sources consulted by Variety magazine insist that the decision was not made because of the quality of the film and has to do with the new strategy taken by the merger of the Discovery and WarnerMedia groups, which gives priority to movie releases.

The studio has another film on the chopping block, as The Flash is still not set for release scheduled for 2023 due to the scandals of its leading man, Ezra Miller.