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Watch Peter Doocy Grill the White House Press Secretary on High Gas Prices and Massive Inflation

It may be hard to believe, but it turns out that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is even worse at her job than former press secretary Jen Psaki.

At least Psaki could lie without notes. On Thursday, KJP once again suffered from an unbelievably awkward exchange with Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Watch:

“Why is the president saying that inflation is worse everywhere, but here?” Doocy asked.

“Because what we have seen across the globe, first of all, inflation is a global challenge, as we have said,” KJP replied. “It is, it is, it is, it is caused by clearly the pandemic, this once in a generation pandemic that we are coming out of, and also most recently, the war, that, that Putin started in Ukraine that has caused inflation, as we look at food and as we look at gas prices.”

“So if you look at globally other countries and if you look at where we are economically, when you think about the group of seven, the G7, we are in a much stronger place than we are economically than, than the rest,” she rambled on.

But it turns out that Doocy had laid a trap for KJP, as was highlighted by Newsbusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck:

“He says… inflation is worse everywhere but here,” Doocy pointed out. “That’s not true. U.S. has worse inflation than Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia…Why is he saying that?”

“Well, I think what we are saying is that when you talk about inflation, it is a global thing,” she doubled down. “And it is not just about the United States. This is something that everyone is feeling, because of coming out of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Because of the war that Russia has started in Ukraine.

It got even worse for the fledgling White House press secretary as she attempted to defend the Biden administration’s incomprehensible mixed messages being sent to the nation’s oil and gas industry.

“Why isn’t [Biden] asking oil companies to drill more here in the U.S.,” Doocy asked as KJP began to thumb through her voluminous notes.

“I know his letter was about refining and increasing refining, but that’s a lot of oil that comes in from overseas. So, why isn’t he asking [them] to drill more here in the United States?” he went on.

The press secretary buried her heads in the notes and read a pre-written statement blaming the oil industry, profits, and Putin.

“Why not drill more here in the U.S., though?” Doocy pressed.

“We — because we don’t need to do that. What we need them to do is, with the oil that’s out there, we need to — them to refine that oil so that — so that prices — so that capacity can go up and then prices would go down,” she argued.

The only thing that may be a bigger train wreck than the Biden administration is watching its officials try to defend it.

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