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Rep. Crenshaw: Those Who Wear Che Guevara Shirts Are Promoting a Racist ‘Mass Murderer’

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“Our students should know that that wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt is not being ‘chic.’ They are actually idolizing and promoting a mass murderer who also happened to be a racist and homophobe,” said Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) during a press conference introducing the CCT (Crucial Communism Teaching Act).

Crenshaw, who served for ten years in the SEAL teams and reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander, used the press conference to talk about the lack of education American children have about communism. He assured that they do not know the horrors of that ideology because they have not been taught what happened in the Soviet Gulags and in the Holodomor—where Stalin let 3 and a half million Ukrainians starve to death.

For the congressman, children should learn from Mao’s great leap forward and the Cultural Revolution that killed tens of thousands of Chinese, as well as from the “modern slavery” that is taking place right now in China. Crenshaw pointed to this lack of information about communism in children as the reason why so many young people are close to leftist ideologies:

“It’s no wonder that a recent survey of millennials found that 36% have a favorable view of communism. 70% say they would vote for a socialist, and it’s no wonder that murderous Cuban and Venezuelan regimes find sympathy in the American population because our citizens have been lied to for generations about the dangers of communism and told that the American system is built on lies and racism, so they become socialists.”

In his speech, he recalled the oft-quoted phrase of the left that “real socialism has never been tried,” to point out that socialists “leave out the part where socialist equality is equality in misery and deprivation nothing else. They leave out the part where the utopia they seek must be paid for in blood and with the death in the tens of millions.”

Finally, Crenshaw stressed the importance of providing schools and parents with the tools they need to give children an alternative to the Marxist indoctrination currently being taught. He pointed out that the Crucial Communism Teaching Act provides what is needed so that children instead of hating America, hate communism, learn the lessons of that system and that the misfortunes it has caused will not be repeated. “This law will ensure that communism remains in the dustbin of history, where it belongs.”

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