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Wendy Williams’ Disastrous Outcome

Wendy Williams

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Television: that world that seems to be a thing of the past but still attracts the attention and morbidity of the audience. While in Los Angeles Ellen DeGeneres prepares for a solemn farewell to her iconic show, in New York there is a war going on around the legendary Wendy Williams’ show, whose last season has been carried out entirely with guest hosts, and without the presence of the Hot Topics diva, who initially claimed health problems to justify her absence.

Amid worrying secrecy, rumours of possible senile dementia and the freezing of her bank accounts, the legendary entertainment journalist has watched from the sidelines as the end of her show is announced, to be replaced by a talk show hosted by Sherri Shepherd (former co-host of The View and one of the guest hosts during the last season of The Wendy Williams Show).

Recently, Williams reappeared in an unfortunate interview with Fat Joe (another of the late-night substitute hosts), where she claimed that despite liking Sherri, she would not watch her new show. Shepherd responded by assuring that Williams is “not well”, but that he wished her well at this time, where the host needs to be surrounded by people who protect her.

Wendy finally responded, saying she would like to meet with Shepherd. This as she attempts a $100 million deal to produce a podcast, but her mental state remains indecipherable, and she seems to be surrounded by vultures who only drive her to do more and more damage to herself.

As a loyal viewer of The Wendy Williams Show for years, I am concerned about the host’s health. The show was kept alive this year to avoid laying off a truly talented staff who did not deserve to pay the consequences of the host’s ongoing crises. I will support Sherri’s new show, it will have my tune in. Let Williams withdraw from the public eye and reappear when she has managed to sort out the chaos surrounding her health and finances.

As her team waits for the host to return to say goodbye to her show, it looks like the end of the Wendy Williams era on television will be even more dramatic than Oprah’s or Ellen’s, but for the hell that surrounds the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of All Media’.

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