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Who is Behind the Terrorist Attack Against Colombian President Iván Duque?

Duque, El American

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On June 25, there was an attack on the president of Colombia, Iván Duque as the helicopter in which he was traveling was shot at least six times. The president was unharmed. But what or who is behind this attack? Vanessa Vallejo, co-Editor-in-Chief of El American, spoke to Carlos E. Mejía, Colombian Senator, John Marulanda, retired Colonel and expert in national security, and Paola Holguín, Colombian Senator.

Senator Holguín emphasized that the attack is part of a plan to destabilize Colombia, which has been orchestrated for some time. She emphasized that all this has the participation of Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, something she considered extremely worrying.

What is behind the attack on the Colombian president?

Likewise, she indicated that the presence of at least 5 armed groups linked to Colombia in Venezuela has been denounced. She highlighted that at least 70% of the National Liberation Army of Colombia (ELN) is operating from Venezuelan territory and that there are also Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) groups operating from that country.

“It is an element that adds to the wave of violence and destabilization of the country. There is a concern because there are weapons marked by the Venezuelan Armed Forces”, said Holguín, referring to the rifle that would have been used in the attack against Duque and that would have marks of the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

For his part, Colonel Marulanda explained the security strategy and questioned how the events unfolded and why there was no response from the presidential security. He stated that it is alarming that the situation has not been dealt with in an effective manner to protect the Colombian president.

Helicóptero en el que viajaba el presidente Iván Duque fue baleado
At least six shots were fired at the helicopter in which he was traveling. Photo: Presidencia Colombia

Attack on the President of Colombia and the Socialist Agenda

Meanwhile, Senator Carlos Felipe Mejía, recalled that the brother of former President Juan Manuel Santos said that when Juan Manuel becomes president, socialism could be promoted because it would not be possible through elections. Mejía insisted that this is a fundamental point in the progress of a destabilization agenda in Colombia.

Furthermore, he maintained that behind these plans is the agenda of the Sao Paulo Forum, in which, he pointed out, several Colombian political parties and leaders participate. “The strategy of those who defend socialism is how to use the people to steal the states”.

Finally, they agreed on the need for the international community to take seriously what is happening in Colombia and the attacks on its democratic state. They also called for the promotion of a strategy to achieve the return of democracy in Venezuela, as it is fundamental for the return of political stability in the region.

Regarding the upcoming presidential elections, the two senators seem to have a clear intention to participate as candidates. Our guests also discussed this topic.

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