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What The Much-Discussed “Great Reset” Really Is?


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Let’s start with the beginning, COVID-19: The Great Reset, is a book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret. It is widely commented on in networks and media, but not because of the virtues of the text -they are conspicuous by their absence- but because Schwab, founder and Executive President of the World Economic Forum, speaks there of the great opportunity that the pandemic could represent for a profound revolution in the global economy and politics. Being who he is, and saying what he says, polemics range from boundless praise to fierce criticism to so-called “conspiracy theories.”

 The Great Reset: A conspiracy theory?

Conspiracy theory would be, if we were serious, the theoretical apparatus capable of explaining the processes of real conspiracies. There are conspiracies. They range from the simple criminal conspiracy to commit a crime, to the politics of the coup d’état -and an endless number of intermediate possibilities- but absurdly the media and the academia call “conspiracy theory” every apparent or really false -and absurd- imaginary conspiracy. And there’s no way to undo the confusion; conspiracy theory is synonymous with false, imaginary conspiracy.

The “great reset” as the subject of “conspiracy theory” of the “far-right”, according to ultra-left media, was to be expected. What does the real far left accuse the supposed far right of? Of using the book as indirect evidence of an imaginary conspiracy to create and/or launch the virus. Evidence of this is scarce. Which does not prevent some from believing it.

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But as “conspiracy theories” go, top-level bureaucrats and agents of Beijing’s totalitarianism spread, regarding the pandemic that “it was created by the USA and introduced into China by spies” without a cautionary label placed upon them by “independent” fact-checkers in the Western media. What is real is the globalist agenda, that endeavors to take advantage of fear and emergency to impose itself on the world. No more, no less.

The Globalist Agenda
gran reinicio,
“Conspiracy theory would be, if we were serious, the theoretical apparatus capable of explaining the processes of real conspiracies.” (Flickr)

Globalism is an unhappy yet descriptive term. The globalist agenda is an effort by ideologues, politicians, bureaucrats, and interest groups -to capture income- to undo market globalization and move toward a global socialist system. The Great Reset is an heir to the “Club of Rome” and “The Limits to Growth,” which proposed more or less the same thing, announcing an imminent end to the world, at that time due to overpopulation. Today, it would be because of the climate crisis, because of the pandemic, or whatever they may come up with.

As long as it frightens the population allowing for the imposition of measures of social control and draconian economic destruction, it works for them. They had appealed before to threats that -at least as they announced them- proved to be totally or almost totally false. A real and serious one -with the potential to exacerbate fear to the infinite degree- about which to manipulate causes, consequences and the ability to respond- works better for them.

The “argument” and its contradictions

The Great Reset is easy to summarize -the book is as bad as it is simplistic- because the authors start by pointing out that the world in general, and the developed West in particular, have suffered a long and intense destabilization, abandonment of the public sphere for the primacy of the market, deregulation and low taxes. This is a lie. The weight of developed states in their economies -in most cases, is close to 50%, in some it is greater. And in a few cases it is less than 40%- proving that this is false. They start from that lie and tell us that the response to the pandemic has proven the great importance of “the public sector.”

And they mean this especially regarding nationalized and forced universal medical services in welfare states. Already one thing contradicts the other. But the new lie is that of the “great response” of health services in the welfare states. Not even the intense campaign of disinformation and propaganda of the leftist media was able to hide the failure. The response to the pandemic has been mediocre, showing in plain view the very limited capacity of those systems to respond. And above all to adapt. Those who don’t see it is because they are refusing to look at it.

From here they jump to the fact that the response by national states, just a few pages before, proved that the importance of the state and “the public sector” was a failure and should be transferred therefore to a global coordination through multilateral organs for the global “governance” of pandemics. And since we are already talking about it then we should continue on to: the economy, regulations, taxes, monetary policy, etc. etc. The contradiction is obvious. And even more the hypocrisy of the proposal.

If anything demonstrated its failure and inability in the face of a real crisis, it was international organizations, beginning with the WHO, which during the first critical months at the beginning of the epidemic was the biggest spokesman of disinformation spread from Beijing. They continued with a long and well-known series of fiercely interventionist measures that would disrupt the global economy, affect the poorest the most, destroy globalization as an economic phenomenon, and leave the world one step away from global socialism under the control of multinational entities on the verge of forming a world government, as opposed to national states, which in book go from victims to heroes to villains, at the whim of the authors.

And, of course, funding is expected from very high and globally harmonized taxes “on the rich” they say, but in reality on everyone, especially on the poor and middle classes. They know and are pleased that what they are proposing would involve a massive and rapid fall in overall production and productivity. And they propose to finance it by creating money, producing inflation, which is not new either. The relative novelty is that they are hiding behind the contradictory and absurd Modern Monetary Theory. A new expression of the old false monetary magic to which they have always appealed.

And that is all. Nothing new under the sun. This is what they have been pushing for more than half a century by all means at their disposal. The Great Reset is just a new version of the same dangerous threat. This is not a secret conspiracy by any means. It is an agenda for destruction, depopulation and socialist totalitarianism, completely public.